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​Kamaka Pineapple 5K Mother of Pearl

Kamaka Pineapple ukulele #8565 style 5 Koa with Mother of Pearl inlay. This early Kamaka style 5 Koa Pineapple ukulele is  the rarest and most sought after early Kamaka ukulele by both collectors and investors with only a hand full known to exist. The front, sides and neck are Hawaiian Koa and the back is a stained Mahogany. 

When I originally acquired this amazing ukulele it was in its original case with its original gut strings still on it sitting unplayed for more than 70 years. As can be seen in the photos it is in like new condition and it is except for the age related crack on the back and one micro hairline crack on the front. I normally would repair any crack however I decided since this is such a rare, valuable and historic ukulele I would leave it in it untouched original condition with the thought that in the future the rarest and most sought after ukulele will be the one the is untouched, unprepared and in original un molested condition such as this one. 

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