​Johnny Marvin Professional Tenor "Prince of Wales"

​Akai Sopranino "Midget" Uke

​Kamaka Special Pineapple #2479

Kumalae style D Concert

Kamaka Tiki Concert 12-30-69

​Echo Concert w/echo device 

Martin 3K Taropatch

K.Kamaka style 2 Cigar Band

Martin 3K Soprano Ukulele

Dale Wimbrow's Wimbrola

Sam Chang Concert

​Akai style 2 Concert Ukulele

Kamaka Pineapple 5M MOP

​Kamaka Hawaii early 1920's

Kamaka 100th Anniversary 

Hollywood #10 Concert Ukulele

​Anthony Cox Cocolele Ukulele

Paul Summers 5K Soprano

​Sopranino Maximo Ukulele

​Paul Summers Moana style 4

​Paul Summers Richard Lee Engr

K.Kamaka 1916-18 Cigar Band ​

Augusto Dias cir 1885

​Ohta-San Ukulele August 1971

Southern Calif Music Co. 5K

Sam Chang Tenor

"Uke Kane" Ukulele Cane

Kamaka Special Pineapple #397

Kamaka Special Pineapple #1825

​Miami Sopranino "Midget" Uke

Paul Summers   style 4

 Aero Uke w/rare original case

Sherman Clay #32 Koa Banjo Uke

​Harold Summers Tenor Ukulele

​Roy Smeck Vita Ukulele

Knutsen Custom Tenor Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt Stella 5K 

Kamaka Special Pineapple #2020 

Clyde Eoff Ukulele Shovel 

Mossman Bell Tone Soprano

Kamaka Pineapple 17 fret Concert

The First Wimbrola 

Washburn 5K Tenor Lyon & Healy

Wimbrola Ukulele Dale imbrow

Knutsen Harp Ukulele

​Akai 8 String Taropatch

​Amazing Presentation Concert  

​​Leonardo Nunes Style 4

Kamaka Special Concert Size

Sopranino "Midget" Ukulele

Kamaka Pineapple 3K Concert

Tangi Kawika #1

Niu Kane Concert Painted Coconut

​Antone Abrew Concert

Kamaka Custom "Kawika" Tenor

Les Rietfors 8 string Tenor

Les Rietfors Pineapple

Les Rietfors Double Neck

 Manuel Nunes cir 1895

Ukuleles From the Vault

This page is for the enjoyment of the collector, these ukuleles are in my private collection and not currently for sale, However I do sell them when I upgrade and if you have something in your collection I want for my collection I may be persuaded to trade.

Kamaka Pineapple Back #1236

Malolo w/inlayed fretboard

​Royal Hawaiian 5K

Kamaka Pineapple 5K #1848

​Kaai Special 5K Soprano

​Leonardo Nunes Radio Tenor

Kamaka Ohta-San Concert

​Hawaiian Mahogany Co. Concert

Royal Hawaiian Concert

Akai Sopranino "Midget" Uke

Kamaka Pineapple 5M Abalone 

​Kamaka Pineapple 5K MOP

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