​ Clyde with his Chauffeur buddies in Omaha Nebraska Clyde is on the left with one of his original Chauffeur badges Clyde was a Chauffeur for 23 years from 1914-1937 ​

"The Missourians" performing for Santa Monica California radio station KMPC. "The Missourians" played an orchestra-full of bowed and plucked strings made from shovels and other house-yard materials mad by Clyde, Clyde is playing Saxophone back right with wife Louise playing shovel ukulele, note Knutsen tenor in front.

Clyde Eoff Dawson cir 1927 wearing his favorite checkered suite playing his prized custom made Chris Knutsen tenor ukulele.

​This rare possibly one of a kind Chris Knutsen tenor ukulele was custom made for Clyde Eoff Dawson, Clyde was a member of "The Missourians" his group "The Missourians" played professionally in the mid-western states for many years in the 1930's this Knutsen was one of the only instruments Clyde owned that he did not make himself.

 "The Missourians" performing in Santa Monica California in 1929 Clyde is in the center playing a home made Hawaiian steel guitar shovel wile wife Louise does hula hands, note the Knutsen tenor ukulele back left. 

Chris Knutsen Tenor Ukulele 

Clyde cir 1920 with his first Knutsen a soprano harp ukulele Clyde was a member of the "Beachcombers" string band and performed on the Santa Monica Beach in the early 1920's

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