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Joan Marin Balmas

​Map of the 5th world cruise 1928-1929 of the S.S. Belgenland 

De Paris A Barcelona Passant Per Honolulu 1929 1st edition.

​Belgenland 5th world cruise itinerary 

This Paul Summers style 4 Waikiki Ukulele was purchased January 1-1929 in Honolulu by Joan Marin Balamas wile on his around the world trip. He later wrote a book detailing his adventurers in 1929 called "De Paris A Barcelona Passant Per Honolulu" As can be seen in the photos this almost 90 year old Hawaiian ukulele is in mint like new condition! even the original case is in almost perfect condition as are  all of the cool vintage travel decals from all of the places and hotels Joan stayed on his around the world trip.

Paul Summers Ukulele { Joan Marin Balmas } 

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