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This amazingly beautiful presentation grade concert ukulele measures 23" long, it was made by an unknown master luthier. It has a mahogany body with a spruce top and intricate inlays and rope binding around the entire body.   It also has an ebony bridge with MOP inlay, a headstock with a brazilian rose wood face plate inlayed with MOP. The nut and tuners are actually genuine ivory. I have never seen another ukulele like this. I believe it may have been made in either New Zealand or Australia because of the Maori inspired bridge and the inscriptions that mention several names including Helen Omholt, Stanley Dye, Pele Alougahlan and William Wishart.   Also under the names there is inscribed N.E. T.E. V.W L.C., I believe the N.E. T.E. may mean North East Territory which is in Australia. There is also some writing in pencil inside the sound hole that I cannot  make out.

Amazing Presentation grade Concert

   Condition Report

​            In excellent original condition, small piece of MOP inlay missing from bridge

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