"​The First Wimbrola" 6 String  Tenor Ukulele

This amazing Favilla 6 string tenor ukulele was personally commissioned by Peter Dale Wimbrow for his wife Dotty. Dale Wimbrow  aka The "Mississippi Minstrel" was a nationally known radio personality, poet, author, singer, song-writer, humorist & philosopher. Dale is probably best known as being the author of 1934 poem "The Guy In The Glass", his wife Dotty { Dorothy Livezy } was a radio writer and producer. The label on the inside reads Presented to "Dotty" my wife__The First "Wimbrola" and the label is personally signed { Lovingly Dale }. 

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Dale playing his Wimbrola, back of photo inscribed " Old Man River after A triple bromide for his headache 11-9-1936

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