"Uke Kane" Ukulele Cane Walking Stick

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This "Uke Kane" Ukulele walking stick was made around 1926, the paper label on the inside reads "UKE KANE PAT PENDING". Morris Rothman was granted patent #1,611,563 in 1926 for an ukulele concealed in a cane. It measurers 36 1/4" long and it is made out of sheet metal painted black with nickel plated end cap and tip. A 1927 advertisement proclaims  UKE-KANE latest novelty just out "A Walking Stick and a Ukulele Combined" and "You can carry your "UKE" with you at all times without the slightest embarrassment"  Remove a secret cover and cane becomes a "UKE" fretted and played like a UKE, advertised price was $3.50 and it even came in special colors for ladies. The four colors the cane came in were black, mahogany, brown and purple. It was strung up by using mandolin E strings for the outside and mandolin A for the inside and it was tuned G-F-A-D to tuner you were to place a coin in the slot of the tuning key and turn in the desired direction applying slight pressure. Play with a mandolin pick, add also states "Best results may be obtained by allowing portions of the instrument to touch any solid body".

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